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Monologue Essay

  • Submitted by: bree1904
  • on March 19, 2012
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Written Concept – Monoluge
‘My mother said I never should By Charlotte Keatley’
My mother said I never should is a play based on a generation of four female generations and their differences. I am going to do a monologue from near the end of the play by Jackie where finally ‘cracks’.
The play itself is very historically based , it how the roles of women changed and how they stayed the same and how this affects how a women views themselves in society. It also shows how the mother-child bond is important . The play is based from 1900-1971 and shows how a one women starts off as a mother and eventually is a great grandmother to a little girl born in the 1970’s. It uses symbols to make reference to the past aswell , such as a solaitre board being played by the great grandmother and her greatgrand daughter teaching her old tricks that she had learnt as she was growing.   At the beginning women , if married , were expected to stay at home and look after their husbands , this was a problem for Doris [ great grandmother ] who was not married of so she done everything in her power to make sure her daughter   Margaret did not make the same mistake. Margaret didn’t but she was not happy and unfortunately her daughter Jackie gave birth at a very young age meaning Margaret took the role as mother and raised the child [Rosie] as her own . The play is based around the time of the world war one where women still had no voting rights and could only work as nurses , no doctors. Keatley may have thought this was important because back in the beginning women having jobs was not very common and the fact that Jackie wanted to carry on with her work is a huge contrast as to how they would have handled the situation earlier on.
Even small changes such as the way they speak to eachother highlight the generation differences , e.g , when Rosie refers to her grandmother as   “gran” instead of “granny” , and other changes such as fashion references when Rosie is complaining to Jackie about...

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