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Mobilization Strategies Essay

  • Submitted by: terpen
  • on March 19, 2012
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Theoretical Mobilization Strategies;
            Do they work out in practice?
When you focus on a ongoing conflict, you will notice that it is about certain groups fighting each other over incompatible goals and the gain of power. At first it seems logical that those groups exists, because you will need a large group of people who are striving for the same cause otherwise you will not succeed. However, what makes it possible to form such a cohesive group? A lot has been written on the processes of mobilization and the becoming of a cohesive group that will participate in collective action. The two authors, King and Gurr, sought factors that made it possible to mobilize people into a collective group.

King focuses on three different factors of power dynamics that may lead to the formation of the mobilization of a group. The first one is that their have to be opportunities present, he addresses the fungibility of opportunities by which he implies that it does not matter if you are a group facing a strong or a weak state. Even the group facing a strong state and thus having fewer opportunities is able to mobilize, they can make up for this lack of opportunities by highlighting their moral superiority (King 2007:117). Then he introduces the presence of organizations as a stable form of interaction within and among social groups. The organizations facilitate collective action by convincing significant numbers of people that they are their legitimate representative (King 2007:117). Finally he mentions framing, the way goals and objects of mobilization are presented to potential adherents and third parties. Framing is a powerful instrument that can be used to gain support from third parties. (King 2007: 119).   His factor of framing can be seen as a way to improve the opportunities of the group and the strength of the organization.

The theory of Gurr is based on modernization processes. Modernization increased interaction and competition among cultural...

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