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Mlb Economics Essay

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Robby Krapfl
Labor Economics
Ethnicities in Major League Baseball and How They Affect the Economy
When one defines America’s pastime they will think of two things: apple pie, and baseball.  The game of baseball was born in America and it was always considered to be something special to this country.  However, the game has grown substantially since day one and it has expanded beyond our borders and into countries all over the world.  This leads me to my research question: What ethnicities represent Major League Baseball and how have they changed throughout the years?
               I have been involved in multiple sports throughout my life; sports are something very special to me.  One of the great things about sports and athletic competition is that anyone can participate.  I wanted to see how the labor force participation in Major League Baseball compared to other occupations and see which ethnicities represent baseball today.
               It has been more than 60 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became the first black Major League Baseball player.  This significant event took place in the year 1947.  Not only was it a historic day for baseball and for professional sports, but also for America.  Jackie Robinson is an American hero; he was the first minority player to participate in Major League Baseball.  He cleared the path not only for African Americans, but also for Hispanics, Asians and other minorities.  Jackie Robinson wore the number 42 when he played and until this day it remains the only number that has been retired by Major League Baseball.  No player will ever wear number 42; this is a sign of respect for Jackie Robinson and for what he represents.
               Since the year 1947 the percentage of African Americans participating in Major League Baseball began to increase at a tremendous rate.  The percentage increased by approximately one percent each year for the next 25 to 30...

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