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Miss Essay

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  • on June 27, 2014
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First and foremost our school believe that the teachers should act as role models for the children to follow! If the teaching staff do not behave appropriately should we really expect the pupils to? Therefore we should display the behaviour that we expect the pupils to display, lead by example. Any behaviour expectations should be achievable, appropriate and explained to the students on a regular basis so that they understand and remember them. We are to treat the pupils with respect and speak to them in a tone that is well received. Raising the voice or shouting should be a last resort. We have reward systems that go from having your name on the smiley face list to getting a Head Teacher’s Award. Praise should be given when a pupil displays positive behaviour or does well in their lessons. If any sanctions are given they need to be consistent and fair this will set a firm knowledge that undesirable behaviour has consequences and the pupils. Not only do teaching staff have a responsibility for the pupil’s behaviour but so do the pupils and their parents.
The behaviour policy promote respect and understanding and this will help to make school a neutral place for the child to feel free to be themselves, learn and if need be vent. The students are given a copy of the home school agreement which simplifies what is expected from the staff and the pupils and their parents. Allowing them to know what everyone’s roles and expectations are will hopefully. Also allowing the pupils to have some responsibility gives them the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the school environment.
As the policies’ emphasise respect and this is by the teaching staff the pupils will gradually realise that they have a voice and a safe place to be themselves. This is good as the pupils do readily talk to teachers if they have a problem at school and at home also they answer questions if teachers notice that there might be an issue.
The policies (Behaviour Policy, Home...

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