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  * Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business Administration
  * Unit   -   Make and Receive Telephone Calls
    * 1.1Describe the different features of a telephone system and how to use them.   *     * Our telephone system contains everybody’s extension,   we can transfer calls through to voicemail if the extension is unavailable and also forward the call onto a different recipient if the person we want is unavailable.   *     * Our telephone system is really simple it is just a standard telephone linked up to the computer if you type on the telephone the caller’s number/ID comes up on the computer screen. The calls can also be recorded and monitored by others.   * |
    * 1.2 Why should you identify the reason for a call before making it?   *     * You should always identify the reason for a call before making it so you’re aware of what you need to talk about, why you’re talking about it and what you want the outcome of the call to be. If you do not know what you’re supposed to be talking about how are you supposed to help anybody?   * |
    * 1.3 Describe the different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people that need to be contacted.   *     * You can obtain the names and numbers of the people you need to contact by email, internet and letters.   * For instance if you’re trying to get through to somebody in a different company and you hadn’t any idea   of who you’d be wanting to speak to all you knew is it was the head of admin all you would do is go on the internet type the company name in, once it loaded up find there contact details and phone the main office. Once you’ve phoned the main office all you’ve to do is ask the receptionist who the head of admin would be and if you could be transferred through to them.   * |
    * 1.4 Describe how to use a telephone system to make contact with people inside and outside an organisation.   *     * It is really simple to contact people inside and outside of the organisation. If you’re making an...

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