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In many countries, good schools and medical facilities are only available in cities. Some people think that new teachers and doctors in these countries should word in rural areas for a few years, while others believe that everyone should be free to choose where they work. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

As is known that rural areas often lack of better educational institutions and medical care facilities and most of these facilities are located in urban areas. In order to change such situation, some people suggest that new teachers and doctors should work in rural areas before working in cities. However, some people argue that it should be each individual’s freedom to choose where they work. Both views will be discussed in this essay and my personal opinion will be provided at the end.

Newly-graduated teachers and doctors working in less-developed areas for several years before working in urban center can be a sound way to improve the rural areas’ educational and medical levels as well as to relieve severe employment pressure in cities. To start with, new teachers and doctors who have been well-educated and trained can share their knowledge and skills they have learned from universities with the rural colleague through academic discussions, workshops, forums and day-to-day work. This will enhance countrysides’ educational quality and promote a better medical condition. Also, new employment opportunities in rural areas can help to relieve the employment pressure in urban areas. Graduates who remain unemployed because of fierce competitions in cities can seize the opportunity to work in remote areas to maximize their talents. As a result, the society unemployment rate will decrease.

However, forcing people to work in rural areas seems a disrespect for human rights. Each individual has his rights to determine his course of life including where he is willing to work. When people are forced to work in countryside, some negative consequences...

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