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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: AISHAALNAMI
  • on March 26, 2014
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In two or three decays linguists all over the world   conclude that if   language   with   a few speaker, and nobody try to pass it or teach it to children this meaning the language will die soon what is the reasons for this problem and how to overcome this issue. Crystal(2002)
          Language will die when the last person who speaks it dies. Crystal(2002). Early 2011 the BO   language died out when the last 85 years old   man speak it   pass away   and nobody now can speak Bo language Kenan(2010) .   According to statistical estimation there is 6000 languages   in the world   and about half of this number will be die in the next century . It means there is one language dying out every two   weeks among the world . Crystal(2002).
        The language is not only way for people   to contact   or interact with each other . The language is vital tool   for keeping   culture ,history, and identity of the particular community   for that once community notice that their language become endangered   language   they   will make effort to keep it alive (Revitalization). Nicholas (2010)
              There is many reasons   for language to be die as natural disasters ,cultural assimilation , and genocide . If the   communities live in isolated areas can be wiped out easily   by earthquakes ,hurricanes ,flood and other   or the community may suffer from genocide as   in case of Jews   people . The most important reason is   cultural assimilation . (that means when members from specific community   as emigrant   loss his or her origin   culture and absorbed with another culture this   ) this problem appear when people   began to   move from area to area   looking for good   gob or education chances as result of this   colonialism   only small number of dominate language as English,Spanish ,French,and Portgues   speard   over the world . crystal(2002)
              The industrial revolution   which took place between 1750 and 1850   is good example   for how culture assimilation(colonialism) effects language...

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