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Dependent Variable. Recovery Time – validity is high as link to information give is clear
Controlled Variable. Type of exercise, Temperature, Age, Gender, Intensity of Exercise, Fitness, Hydration levels, Concentration of oxygen in environment
Independent Variable. No. of step ups / Length of exercise – a number is easy to measure, accurate results, repeated tests, a wide range of tests possible – science is the longer you exercise for the more pressure you are putting on your body, it needs more oxygen to manage itself, heart pumps faster increasing pulse rate, the higher the pulse rate becomes the longer it will take to return to the resting rate
Hypothesis. The higher the number of step ups performed the higher the pulse rate will become and therefore the longer it will take to return to it’s previous rate creating a longer reaction time
Prediction. I predict the outcome of my results will be a curved correlation because the longer you perform the exercise of the more tied you may become and therefore your pulse rate might not increase at the same rate all the time. This means that although the length of exercise is increasing at the same rate each time the reaction time may not. In addition when performing an exercise your body warms up at the start which may result in the increase in your pulse rate and therefore the increase in you reaction rate not being constant in it’s increase. I also predict there will come a point where the maximum heart rate is reached as this will mean that the recovery time will no longer increase as the length of exercise increases.
Measuring Ways. Pulse rate before exercise, pulse rate after exercise every 15 seconds, when pulse rate reaches the rate before exercise record time (recovery time), 15 seconds stints produced overlapping too often, 10 second stints used to increase reliability by minimising overlapping
Chosen Measurement. Measure pulse rate before exercise, do star jumps for 30 seconds,...

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