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Miss Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching- what is it?     2
When to Coach?   2
The Coaching Process     3
Identify the Need     3
What is the Performance Gap?     3
Recognise Opportunities   4
Brief the Individual     4
Open the Discussion   4
Consider Current Circumstances     4
Look at Alternatives     5
Get their Commitment     5
Agree Outcome   5
Carry Out Activity   7
Review Learning     7
On-the-Job Coaching     7
Preparation     8
Plan the Activity     8
Arrangements     8
The Coaching Session     9
Learning Styles     10
Giving Feedback     13
What is a Mentor?     13
Definitions     13
The Relationship     14
What Mentees Want   15
Successful Mentors   16
Contracting     16



'Coaching is an interactive, person centred consulting and care process..'

'The continuous process of developing a person's performance by using day-to-day work to provide planned opportunities for learning under guidance'

Managers have traditionally been involved in:

▪ forecasting
▪ planning
▪ organising
▪ co-ordinating
▪ commanding
▪ controlling
▪ motivating

Modern management thinking recognises that to be truly effective the manager must get the best out of his/her team, not merely gain compliance.   Developing people as individuals and as teams is often greatly enhanced through coaching.

Done well coaching is flexible, focused and cost-effective and increases organisational performance, learning and creativity.

Coaching is instrumental in developing high performance teams with clear goals and objectives and increased effectiveness in problem-solving and task achievement.

Coaching covers a range of development needs:

▪ to help bring about improvements where people are under-performing
▪ to 'challenge' and stretch those with high potential
▪ to enhance current skills
▪ to re-motivate people
▪ to prepare people for new roles
▪ to prepare people for delegation


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