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Miss Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Define “Health disparity”
The study of differences in the quality health care across different populations. Health Disparities can be defined as unequal when some people of certain groups do not benefit from the same health status as other groups.   Just like cancer, such differences occur when one group of people has a higher risk rate than another, or when one group has a lower chance to live rate than another.   Health disparities can usually be identified along racial and ethnic lines, indicating that black people, Latino’s, Asians, and Native Americans have different disease and survival rates from other populations.   Such disparities however can also extend beyond race to include areas such as access to healthcare, socio economic status, gender, and biological or behavioral factors.
                                                  Why its important to health care professionals
Even thou somewhat in civil rights race remains a significant factor in determining whether an individual receives care, whether an individual receives high quality care, and in determining health outcomes. The Institute of Medicine landmark say Unequal Treatment provides compelling evidence that racial disparities persist in medical care for a number of health conditions and services. Three things are going to happen to reduce or eliminate racial health care disparities and to address some of the social factors that affect health care decisions. Even thou these many efforts disparities in access to quality care remain and somewhat measures being tracked gaps in care are getting larger rather than smaller. Everyone needs equal treatment no matter what race a person is.

                                                              Whats culture and compatence
The territory making a frame work are briefly described along with the main and second ways of a culture, which determine variations in values and belief of a persons race. All health care...

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