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Miss Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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In what ways are strong feelings and their effects made interesting in “Macbeth” and “a collection of World War One poems”?

Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, Owen’s ‘Dulce Et’ and Brooks’ ‘The Soldier’, all explore men who must fight against the odds. All of these characters feel a sense of pressure, guilt and deception at some point during their own personal wars. In Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, the tragic hero is driven by ‘ambition’ and is also challenged by his wife who questions his masculinity, Owen’s narrator is forced to deal with the emotional torment of witnessing death on a daily basis. Furthermore, ‘The Soldier’ is although the most idealistic, his story is perhaps the most tragic, as it is his feelings of hope that will be his undoing. Therefore, all of the characters portrayed experience similar feelings as they battle on.

In both texts, Shakespeare and Owen expose the fragility of man. At the beginning of the play, the already have an impression of Macbeth as the definition of the stereotypical war hero, with the sharp eye of a ‘sparrow’, the power of an ‘eagle’ and the bravery of a ‘lion’, the tragic hero has been informed by three ‘wild’ supernatural witches that he will become King. This would make Macbeth the definition of a lion as he is brave, vicious, aggressive as he asserts he pursues his role as the King of the jungle. Thus, when fighting for a noble cause, he is, like the soldiers depicted in Owen’s text, honourable. Thus, winning a courtly battle against the Thane of Cawdor this shows that Macbeth is a strong person physically, but perhaps not mentally. Likewise, Owen goes on to expose the fragility of man’s powers on both battlefields, as they struggle to fight on in the war in both a physical and emotional sense. However, unlike Shakespeare’s greedy hero, the soldiers kill and limp ‘on’ for a more noble cause. It is clear that the narrator is emotionally exhausted as he remarks shockingly on the destructive nature of war. It seems that even...

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