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Migrants Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Not a while ago before the 1900’s, there was no country by the name of Australia, but there were six colonies that were governed by Britain named New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia that existed on the Australian continent and Tasmania the island colony. Many Australians, before federation, argued against the immigration and the idea of mixing races and cultures (multiculturalism). After the colonies federated in 1901, the Commonwealth took over. The new federated parliament passed the first piece of legislation called the Immigration Restriction Act, also known as the “White Australia Policy”, which discriminated against people according to their skin colour. The intention of this was to create and sustain a homogeneous population, including Australians and to eliminate Non-Europeans. The act also stated that if anyone was to migrate to Australia, they would need to undergo the “dictation test”. This test was to be set in any language originating from Europe, which leaded to many people failing.
Between the years of 1905 and 1914, before World War One, Australia grew rapidly and had a number of 390,000 new settlers from the backgrounds of Britain. In 1914, with the outbreak of the First World War, the population passed 5 million people, even though a high number of 65,000 Australian men died fighting. Whilst Australia allowed some countries to enter, their minds changed after the war. Some of the migrants that were once allowed entrance were now classified as “enemy aliens”, and due to that, the Federal Government amended the Commonwealth Naturalization Act 1903. This act defined the circumstances by which the “aliens” could be granted naturalisation and obtain the rights and privileges of British subjects. Naturalisation could only be granted to those who could speak English and who would deny their nationality. In the 1920’s, a large number, more than 300,000 people migrated to Australia,...

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