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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration Chapter 2 Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Roeanna Wheeler
Chapter 2 Multiple Choice.

  1. What mechanism within DNS is used to set up load balancing between multiple servers that are advertising the same   SRV records
      a. Protocol
      b. Domain Name
      c. Port
      d. Priority
  2. What security improvement allows you to begin the installation of an RODC from a secure central location before completing it at the remote site where the RODC will be housed?
      e. Staged installation
      f. Two-part installation
      g. Pate I installation
      h. Multi-Part installation
  3. What does each class or attribute that you add to the Active Directory schema need to have?
      i. Protocol
      j. Object Identifier
      k. Priority
      l. Port
  4. Which Windows server 2008 features enable you to perform certain Active Directory maintenance functions without needing t6o reboot the domain controller?
      m. Directory Service Restore mode
      n. Safe Mode
      o. Safe mode with Networking
      p. Restart able Active Directory
  5. Which utility allows you to create remove and maintain Active directory trust relationship from command line?
      q. Repadmin
      r. Netdom
      s. Nslookup
      t. Shstat
  6. What is the new unified tool introduced by windows Server 2008 for managing numerous aspect of a 2008 server
      u. Computer Management
      v. Server Manager
      w. Active Directory Users & Computers
      x. Active Directory Domains & Trust
  7. -
      y. Flexible single master Operations (FSMO) roles
      z. Flexible Multiple Master Operations Roles
      {. Flexible single Operations Master Roles
      |. Flexible multiple Operations master Roles
  8. What windows server 2008 feature allows you to configure a user or group as the local administrator of an RODC without delegating any rights to the user or group within Active Directory
      }. Flexible single Master operations role
      ~. Admin Role...

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