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Microbiology Essay

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The purpose of this lab is to consider the requirements to produce a foreign protein inside a bacterial cell.   You have been asked to find new insecticides that are environmental-friendly with natural flora.   Insecticides control those harmful bugs that like to invade our homes, eat our grass, and cause illnesses.   Recently, it has been discovered of a natural flora protein that some insects produce can help make an all natural insecticide.   Once a good host microbe is indentified, genetic engineering can be used to plan the creation of this natural insecticide.   Genetic engineering is used to manipulate the hosts’ genome so that we can form an all natural insecticide that will not harm humans.   Our findings will show which host microbe would be beneficial to research further.   There will be four biochemical tests performed to the unknown microbe.

In this study, you have been hired by a biotech firm to find new insecticides that are more environmentally-friendly. You believe there are safe and effective ways to genetically-engineer natural flora of pest insects to produce a recently discovered insecticidal protein. Always looking for potential bacterial hosts for the toxic gene, you have called your old classmates. One, an environmental microbiologist working for NASA, sent you an unknown organism as a candidate.


Part I: Biotechnology Lab

Materials Needed:
1. Gram Stain

Conduct Indole Production Test:

Materials Needed:
1.   Trypton Broth
2. Two test tubes
3. Bunsen Burner
4. Loop Tool
5. Kovac’s Reagent
6. Dropper
7. 37 Degree Incubator

Begin this test by selecting the trypton broth medium, label the medium: IndoleTrypton and click ok. Turn on your Bunsen burner by right clicking on it and selecting on, and select the inoculating loop tool.   Flame your inoculating loop to sterilize it. Remove the caps from your test tubes, right click on the left test tube and select inoculate and put the caps back on....

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