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Mice And Men Essay

  • Submitted by: heyyolol
  • on March 18, 2012
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Compare and contrast the relationship between George and two characters. Look closely at the way they speak and act and the way the relationship changes in the course of the novel.
George and Candy’s relationship varies and develops throughout the novel. George is initially suspicious of Candy, as his first words to him are ‘what the hell’s this?’ This reflects the fact that George thinks Candy may be trying to deceive him, as perhaps from his experience, he has learned not to trust anyone on a ranch, as everyone keeps to themselves. We are first introduced to Candy when George and Lennie arrive at the ranch. George is unsure what to make of Candy as he ‘worked up a slow anger’ based purely on suspicion and distrust. However, we see that the old swamper is quite calm and steady as each reply to George’s frantic accusations are carefully prepared. On the other hand, it appears that George already seems to be dominant over Candy. This could be due to George’s experience, or maybe Candy knows his status to be low as he is just a weak, old man with no value in the hierarchy of the ranch. Steinbeck suggests this through the comment that Curley’s wife makes of them- ‘standin’ here talkin’ to a bunch of bindle stiffs .... a lousy ol’ sheep, an’ liking it because they ain’t nobody else.’ This is reflecting the fact that Candy, along with Lennie and Crooks don’t mean anything to anybody, they are worthless.   We also learn from the first chapter that Candy and George have something in common; experience. Candy explains to George that Whitey just ‘quit, the way a guy will.’ This suggests that Candy has been there a long time, and remembers everyone. However, as Candy and George go on to become better acquainted, we see that Candy immediately feels unthreatened and relaxed with George’s company. We see this when the boss comes in and the old swamper hastily exits, rather sheepishly- ‘he shuffled to the door rubbing his whiskers with his knuckles’ whereas Candy realizes that...

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