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Mgmt591 Lsi Paper

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To input personal data about oneself into a computerized system and have that system be able to identify what your personal areas of strength or weakness are seems highly impersonal.   However it may also be remarkably accurate as it is focusing on the areas of utmost importance as opposed to taking in the various factors that make us the individuals that we are.   This paper will discuss these findings, in specific, as well as my interpretation of them.   It will end with a summary of how I feel that this information may be applied to my everyday work life and with the primary takeaways that this exercise has given me.  
According to the Life Styles Inventory, my primary thinking style is “Perfectionist”. According to the LSI Self Development Guide this means that I generally have difficulty simply doing my best.   It states that I tend to seek recognition by making sure that some or all areas of my life are flawless and that although I am task-oriented, I frequently see high-quality results as unsatisfactory because they don’t meet my unrealistic standards.   It also states that to demonstrate my competence, I often set goals for myself that are higher than anyone else’s and I tend to expect too much from others as well, causing people to see me as rigid and demanding. I would agree that this is definitely a thinking style of mine and I never realized what that means until now.   In my relationships, working or otherwise, I see that this evaluation has merit. I always hold high standards to myself and others and while I don’t feel that my goals are unattainable, I have never really considered how easily I beat myself up over things because I feel as if the results that I produce are unsatisfactory.   I have been told many times that I am too hard on myself and I am always analyzing my relationships, both personal and professional, and wonder whether or not I expect too much from people.   I never thought of my standards as being unrealistic, but I think this explains...

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