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Metalcraft Essay

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  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the supplier scorecard at Metalcraft?

-Continuous evaluation along several metrics. Ongoing quality performance results in a preferred rating.
-EDI based data provided daily updates on timing and delivery measures. Quality data entered and daily updated.
- Scores at the plant level on quality, timing and delivery and then aggregate supplier level. This would allow you to determine if a particular plant needed to be rejected and not all the others (supplier should choose this if they cannot improve quality.)
-Hyperlinks to provide detailed date on quality.
-Central location of score card accessible through web.
-Constant changing standards restrict supplier choice.
-Data is not available to query, allowing drilling down to sku levels or product line.
-Acronyms and codes not well defined.
-Not everyone knows the existence or how to use it.

Quality includes launch quality rejects (QRs), defects, & overall quality.
Scorecard provides hyperlinks to additional information such as the rejected part number, total number of rejects, plant source. These details help to do a root cause analysis to prevent future defects.
Timing-meet dates for certification of new components. Certification verifies new parts meet specs and a certification permits the parts to be used. Costly if delays in production due to a part or component not being certified.
Delivery-Production schedules set one week in advance. If part is late, requires revision to schedule. Usually results in Metalcraft working overtime when part arrives to hit their delivery deadline to the car manufacturer. Also expedited shipping costs are incurred to insure arrival of part to customer’s plant. Late deliveries results in rescheduling costs, overtime costs, expediting costs. Monthly update on delivery.
Delv performance based on 6 ratings: ASN accuracy, delv on time %, units shipped per order, records correct on...

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