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Metal's Mistreatment Essay

  • Submitted by: RachelleXoxo1
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Metal’s Mistreatment
I am normally a very tolerant person. When someone likes something that I do not find to be compelling, it does not bother me; everybody has their own interests. Sometimes I may pose a question out of curiosity; simply to understand what they like about a certain affair, as I personally cannot find a valuable interest in it. What I cannot tolerate is when a person figuratively pushes me away, or becomes angry and hostile about something that I like. To be more specific, when it comes to matters such as my taste in music. Though I do enjoy advocating my musical interests, it is unfair to come across people who do not wish to accept it and walk away.
I like heavy metal music. It is what I enjoy, as do many of my friends. I love the music, the scene at concerts and I appreciate the hard work that the band members put into creating these things for me to enjoy. Unfortunately because I have these interests, I tend to automatically receive a negative social label from many people who claim to dislike this type of music. I use the word “claim” because most people who decide to turn their heads away from the idea of metal have never actually given it a chance.
Though I completely understand why people dislike the sound of the vocals, as a lot of them are aggressive types of screams and growls, I cannot contemplate why I must ever be left out or harshly challenged by others just because I have more unique types of interests than the general population. I, myself, am a very kind, outgoing, curious and intelligent person. Personally, I find these to be very positive personality traits that I would greatly appreciate in another person. When I come across people who are compatible to me, I do appreciate them, and love being around them. I never shut out anybody, and am a naturally forgiving person. Therefore I do not push away people who are not compatible with me, but they are often more difficult to keep a conversation with.
Now, I am not saying that...

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