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Mental Training Essay

  • Submitted by: Herzogtj1
  • on March 26, 2014
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Motivation can be defined as the ability to initiate and persist at a task. To perform your best, you must want to begin the process of developing as an athlete and you must be willing to maintain your efforts until you have achieved your goals. There are 5 different types of motivation that athletes can be grouped into. The first two types of motivation are “Rewards, avoid punishment” and “Guilt, should.”   Athletes with these types of motivation are mostly participating in sports for others beneficial reason instead of the enjoyment of the game. As a coach you hope for athletes to be grouped in the other three types of motivation which are “Personally valued”, “Part of who I am”, “Want to, fun and enjoyment.” Athletes who are grouped in these three motivation types are participating and striving for success because of the love for the game and for personal gain.
Coaching with “CARE” is a method of strategies used to enhance athlete’s motivation. The basic ingredients used in this motivation method are Competence, Autonomy, Relationships, and Enjoyment. When first looking at competence, it is important for coaches to provide optimal challenging activities. Also to create a mastery motivational climate by focusing on improvement, learning, and skill mastery rather than competition, being the best, or winning. When giving feedback it is important to give specific, and performance –contingent feedback. Be liberal with praises. Using the Big Mac attack is a great way in providing positive reinforcement. This is where a coach uses a double positive approach in his coaching. It is important to try and avoid threatening and punitive comments. Also coaches should try to avoid giving excessive praises for mediocre performances or simple tasks. This can give a negative appeal to athletes in which they assume their coach has low expectations and worth for them. The next important ingredient is autonomy. In this category it is important for coaches to give their athletes...

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