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To: Joyce Walden
From: John Steward
CC: Nicole James, Director of Operations.
Date: [ 9/1/2013 ]
Re: Cell phone Policy
Dear Joyce,

Your complaint has been received and researched management is ready to put forth the following memo to all employees within the company.

Text messaging and unrestrained personal use of cell phones have been identified as the cause of employees not finishing their work on time. Since this has been an ongoing problem, and as a result, we are compelled to issue the following new restrictions effectively immediately:

  1. Text-messaging will no longer be allowed for any reason, business or personal. Do not send or accept any text-message using your cell phone.

Employees were informed prior their hiring that cell phones are for business use only when they are at work. However, management understands that occasional personal use in unusual circumstances is sometimes necessary. Detailed records indicate that several employees have repeatedly violated that understanding, not just recently, but well into the past. Because of the cell phone use policy was not being enforced, a few individuals abuse of their personal cell phones repeatedly. However,

  2. No personal calls to/from a cell phone will be allowed from now on.

If employees have to make a phone call please use your cell phone during their break hours or outside work while they are not working that way they don’t interrupt others from completing their assignments.

If any employee or employees violate these new restrictions may be subject to a disciplinary action, a corresponding punishment or suspension will be given.

It is regrettable that such restrictions are needed, but, as usual, abuse leads to a loss of a convenience for everyone.


Jose A. Retamal
Office Manager

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