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Megafactories: Heineken Essay

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Megafactories: Heineken
Heineken Company is one of the largest worldwide, has a process where the quality of the materials (Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast) is the most important, and to ensure this special feature where the barley crop harvested and treated with a special process, where washing soaking barley and will increase the moisture becomes important in this process, then it begins to germinate and transferred to a furnace where the dried malted so that it is at the point of moisture required, there is directed to the plant where beer was made.
Heineken has a beer connoisseur who takes care to check if the malt or barley is appropriate to continue the process, meanwhile the water plant of the company is carrying out due process of purification which has 3 stages to ensure water to be used is adequate, considering that this is our greatest element for making beer.
The malt is ground and mixed with hot water who began a process of starched in azures which causes fermentation, filter the mixture showed that it is our, and is combined with hops and yeast, this process takes 2 years in the that yeast turns into alcohol and beer showed is one of the most important points of Heineken since this yeast was developed by a scientist at the beginning of the company and one of the clones of the original are those that have been used throughout the years to create the delicious and unique flavor of this beer, this yeast is unique and makes the company unique. This is a clear example that the smallest ingredient may be the largest and imposing the difference between products.
The foam is a very important factor for the company should have a consistency of 3 cm and take at least 256 seconds to be of high quality. Continuing with the packaging process where the label is one of the most important factors as the control for location in the bottle is paramount and for control has high speed cameras, also the use of new packaging in which you can preserve freshness has become a...

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