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Medical Pot Essay

  • Submitted by: immaoompa
  • on February 26, 2014
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The recent wave of state legislatures considering and often approving medical marijuana raises significant concerns. By allowing marijuana therapy for patients with diseases such as difficult-to-control epilepsy, are state legislatures endorsing the medical benefits and safety of a broad range of marijuana species and strains before they have been carefully tested and vetted? Marijuana contains around 80 cannabinoids (THC is the major psychoactive cannabinoid, largely responsible for the high) and more than 400 other compounds. The chemical composition of two genetically identical plants can vary based on growing conditions, soil content, parasites and many other factors.

While the language of the legislation may be cautious, there is an implied endorsement of medical benefit for marijuana when a legislature passes a bill and a governor signs it into law, and the tremendous gaps in our knowledge are not effectively conveyed to the public.

Where is the data showing that marijuana is effective for epilepsy? Although parents may report improvements in their children, it is important to remember that the placebo response is powerful, and the placebo response is greater in pediatric than adult studies.

Before more children are exposed to potential risks, before more desperate families uproot themselves and spend their life savings on unproven miracle marijuana cures, we need objective data from randomized placebo-controlled trials.
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13 days ago
Why do we need "proof" on marijuana when we don't have it on some of the most widely used drugs in America. Check out the peer reviewed...

Marc Wagner
13 days ago
Fine approve it for consumption but not for SMOKING. Does anyone think it is the nicotine that kills smokers? No, it is the combustion...

13 days ago
Years ago, at that bastion of conservativism UC Berkeley, we got a lecture in a toxicology class by a clinical researcher who...

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