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Media - Representation Analysis

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Representation analysis – Gender   Jak Edgley

Breaking Bad Season 5 finale ( link http://vidto.me/kp1yo8r1jznt.html )

Immediately, the editing is quick and precise. After the opening credits, the subsequent shot is a close up of an icy car window. The shadowy figure which soon emerges behind the ice presents a sense of tension and possibly fear due to the darkness on display. Soon after a male character wearing a very thick coat to combat the cold becomes visible to the audience through a small section of the window. As the male character gets into the car, he beginnings to cough violently, this coupled with his ' rugged ' appearance shows that this man could potentially be involved in some form of organisation or gang, which symbolises power, however the violent coughing could show his vulnerability or how he is susceptible to falling ill in cold conditions as the weather within this scene is incredibly cold due to the ice on the window.

The editing then cuts to a mid shot of the mans face as bright police lights begin to emerge in the scene. The fearful expression, coupled with the hastiness when moving a prop from the passengers seat shows that he is fearful of being caught by the authorities, which could show he has something to hide because he appears to be incredibly fearful of being stopped.

Later on, the shot fades from the rugged looking male character at a gas station to this same male character sat outside a large property, overhearing a conversation between a rich couple. He is in the shadows which presents that he is intentionally being secretive and cunning about what he is doing, which displays the male characters' sense of power in this particular situation. He then confronts the couple who are both smartly dressed which signifies their vast wealth and class status. The man with the 'rugged' appearance, known as 'Walt' then instructs the couple to go to his car, after this the smartly dressed male pulls out a small knife whilst shaking...

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