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Media Essay- Good or Bad?

  • Submitted by: DenisseMbd
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: English
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Media has definitely made its mark on modern day society. With the help of technology, media has taken the world as we know it by storm, and now it’s as if human life can no longer fully support itself without the help of the media. Besides, it’s not particularly uncommon to wake up and check your phone for any new notifications, or go on CP24 for the latest weather forecasts. But because of the level of importance we’ve set it at, it’s the key to many young people’s influences. Media is a powerful source of info, and has many positive and negative influences.

      Media is a positive influence on society today because of the entertainment purposes it serves us. A great first example of that would be television. Generally everyone enjoys to watch TV now and then. The varieties of TV shows, movies, and genres- the lists of those are endless, so you can entertain yourself for hours on end. Studies show that 40% of children under 12 have a TV in their room, and that 66% of American homes own 3 or more TV sets. There’s only one thing that may be greater than a TV though- the Internet. Why? If you have a computer and free wifi at hand, it allows total accessibility on everything the World Wide Web has to offer. There are thousands of different websites that let you do basically anything- play games, watch videos (and yes, TV programs), go online shopping, do research, and much more. A final example of the pros and cons of media is the invention of the cellular phone. A cell phone is a small device from which you can make phone calls, access the internet, and download apps. Cells phones are super common today, and are widely used to text friends and visit large social pages like Facebook and Twitter. Phones are super convenient, because they’re portable and easy to use, and it allows society to keep in touch with each other. Television, the internet, and cells phones are 3 prime examples of media’s positive influences.

      The media is not just full of positive...

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