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Medea Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Cynthia Benitez
Mrs. Pope
AP Literature
21 October 2011
The Betrayal of an Arrogant Jerk
The underestimation of wise women justifies the lack of capacity men have to handle a manipulative, clever woman. In the Ancient Greek tragedy, Medea, by Euripides, Jason’s abandonment of his family crushes Medea emotionally to the degree that Medea’s quest for justice results in the murders of Creon, Creon’s daughter, and her two innocent sons. Jason’s haramatia, through arrogant actions, and the underestimation of Medea’s capacity of wickedness, directly lead to his peripeteia, compelling the audience to feel catharsis for him.
Jason’s self-interest and arrogance only make him a fool, as he provokes Medea to take on a series of murders, rendering Jason powerless. Jason’s haramatia begins after Medea manipulates him into believing her acceptance of his new marriage, yet Jason’s reconciliation with Medea only leads him into becoming her accomplice without knowing it. Medea says, “I beg your pardon, and confess I was wrong then” (52). Medea’s inclination toward revenge becomes such that she decides to play an act of remorse for being an unwise woman, in attempt to avoid becoming a “laughing stock” (55). This proves Medea’s insanity and exceptional ability to lie. Furthermore, Jason’s tragic flaw takes place after he considers taking his children into his care, not knowing that the children will unwillingly take part in Medea’s evil plan. Medea’s scheme communes when she begs Jason to “save [her] children from exile…” (53), foreshadowing Medea’s revenge on Jason, his bride and their two sons. Thus Jason’s contemptuous arrogance and misinterpretation of Medea’s feelings bring about his peripeteia. Although Jason does not know what to expect, Medea’s determination to make Jason pay for his betrayal eventually leads to a bloody revenge in which Jason mourns over his losses.
Jason expresses himself without any condescension as a mature, high minded man, yet his suffering...

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