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Me and Architecture Essay

  • Submitted by: janylgrace
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Me and Architecture
Who would have thought that a girl who loves to play with numbers, play sports like basketball, play instruments like guitar, and not much love for arts will step in the field of Architecture? Why not Engineering? Why not Math? Why not Sports? Why not Music? Why Architecture?
A girl with not much confidence with herself bravely walks in into one of the hardest courses in UP – BS Architecture. But what made her stay in this course? What made her go on to the second semester even her first wasn’t that good? What stops her from shifting to another course even some of her batchmates already did? Is it the desire to being an architect in the future? Is it the eagerness to learn more about this field? Is it the willingness to help her family? Is it the trait that one should finish what he has started? Or is it just where her heart brought her to? Is it what God wants for her? Is it what she wants for herself?
Is it what I want for myself?
Since I was younger, I always get attracted to the scale model of houses, condominiums and other buildings endorsed by some companies inside the mall. I always take a look into it everytime I passed by it. I don’t know but something captures my eyes everytime I saw things like those. I even once said to myself, “Gusto ko rin gumawa ng ganyan!” Maybe it’s a sign.
I took the UPCAT having Civil Engineering as my first choice and Architecture as my second in the Diliman Campus. I passed the test but not the courses I listed. The result said ‘Degree Program with Available Slot (DPWAS)’. I was given another chance to pick my course choices. I don’t know what happened to me but it was like someone whispered to me and told me to put architecture as my first choice. Maybe it’s another sign.
I had a not so good but not that bad first semester. My grades are somehow okay because I still pass all my subjects but thinking that I could have done better makes me regret in a way. It somehow challenges me to do better...

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