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Mcom Essay

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This report is a summary of Nick Morgan’s article, “How to Become an Authentic Speaker” and I also included my announcement of the article. The purpose of the report is to recommend that we include this article as required reading for the management trainees because it will teach them how to communicate authentically with others.   The ability to communicate in an authentic way is of great importance for an effective leader.
In the first part of the article, Morgan explains how important an authentic presentation is and why audiences can recognize an inauthentic one. In the following sections, he stresses that a speaker should tap into the basic impulses underlying his or her speech. He provides four powerful aims and several useful ways to present an authentic presentation as follows:
  * To be open, you need to relax yourself and imagine that you are talking with people whom you are familiar with.
  * To connect with your audience, you should think about what the audience members want and need from your speech: you should be audience-centric.  
  * To be passionate, you can imagine that you are competing with someone in a debate.  
  * To listen to your audience, you need to read their body language carefully when presenting your speech.
After reading the article, I learned that a heartfelt presentation or speech does not require beautiful words, or artificial rehearsals, but does require sincere expression. If one is able to use proper methods to express sincerity, he or she will gain trust from his or her audience and build a trusting relationship with the audience. Then, his or her presentations or speeches will become more persuasive and powerful.
I think the article will be useful for our trainees, especially for those trainees who will participate in the management development program this year. After they read it, they will think carefully about audience and learn how to be authentic speakers. I firmly believe that they will...

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