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Math Lesson Plan

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  • on June 20, 2014
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One of the most important considerations when choosing a good math lesson plan is the statement of prerequisites for a lesson. This is more important for math lessons than for any other subject, since math requires a clear understanding of basic concepts before moving on to more complex concepts. Moving on to higher levels of math without mastering the lower ones will make math very difficult for students and may even slowly cause students to dislike the subject.
Parents can begin to teach preschool math to their young ones through song. As a parent you should try to make learning as fun as possible and songs are a great method of teaching. Here are the best songs to start you off.
How preschoolers learn the many aspects of math:
Most preschoolers, even without guidance from adults, are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them. They learn math best by engaging in dynamic, hands-on games and projects. Preschoolers love to ask questions and play games that involve the many aspects of math. The table below lists the key aspects of preschool math, along with simple games and activities you can use to help your child learn them.
Kids who grow up hearing music, singing songs, and moving to the beat are enjoying what experts call "a rich sensory environment." Musical experiences are an important way to help create these pathways, also called neural connections. And while listening to music is certainly key to creating them, it's when kids actively participate in music that they make the strongest connections.
Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly):
• do better in reading and math when they start school
• are better able to focus and control their bodies
• play better with others and have higher self-esteem
• Being able to recognise and replicate a musical beat can help children identify patterns, which is key mathematical skill.
• Listening and identifying a beat within music...

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