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Mat 126 Week 4 Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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Body Image and Smoking

Julia Torres

PSY 325 Statistics for the Behavior & Social Sciences

Instructor Jeral Kirwan

March 31, 2014

Body Image and Smoking

    There are those who are under the impression that smoking tends to help a woman lose or manage their weight and might even think it can help their bodies to feel better or is it an illusion. This paper will discuss the article written by Nair, Collins, and Napolitano (2013) it will determine the hypothesis of the article, evaluate and critique the article. A woman’s image is highly important no matter how intelligent, athletic, poetic or rough they are the image they want to portray or how they want to feel is imperative to who they fell they want to be.

    There are many reasons that a woman will begin to smoke in the article written by Nair, Collins and Napolitano (2013) states body weight concerns are primary factors related to smoking and difficulty quitting among women. The authors compared the women who were active and smoked to the women who were sedentary and smoke using their self-image to help assess the outlook they have of themselves. Several questions were posed such, as were the active smoker, which are the women who engaged in some sort of exercise or activity, more likely to have a better view of their bodies and how they carried themselves. The primary hypothesis of the article states that the body image manipulation of sedentary smokers would show a greater self-reported urge to smoke and have shorter latency compared to those were active and smoked. After a couple of hours of not smoking the women being observed were then ask about how they perceive their body. They were then placed in front of a mirror and asked to describe who they saw reflecting back from the mirror they faced. The women who smoked were also given the opportunities to exercise or stay stagnant so they could then find the any commonalities within the women who were active and smoked or the...

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