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Mass Media Essay

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                  Mass media
1.The population relies on the news media as the main source of information.                   Any selection of messages in the mass media has a big effect on the entire society.
2.Competition has become big in the area of the mass media as they keep fighting for the attention of the readers, listeners, and TV-viewers. In order to survive, they are turning to other strategies such as entertainment, showing scandal and spreading fear , but spending less on serious researching of news sources.
3.News media depend very much on their audience for economic reasons. They have to publish whatever makes people buy their newspapers or watch their stations. Catching the attention of the audience by presenting something spectacular, unusual, emotionally touching, and something that people can identify with. Topics like danger, crimes make people pay attention. News about crime and disaster are spectacular and interesting. The media have often been criticized for publishing too much bad news, but the fact is that the audience actually pay more attention to stories about crime and disaster than to good news.
4. Too much of everything is bad. And too much bad news effects people negatively - making them feel hopeless and depressed , or eventually turns them away from watching or listening to news. That`s why news editors should broadcast and print a mixture of good and bad news. They shouldn't present bad news in a negative way. They should spread the optimism not the pessimism through television or newspapers among the citizens.

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