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Marketing Essay

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  A. Primary Marketing Research for a McDonald’s Restaurant: Brief Questionnaire Measuring Customer Satisfaction
McDonald’s is a very well-known restaurant that allows franchising of their brand to eligible investors.   As a way of gauging customer satisfaction, a local restaurant or franchise could make a brief questionnaire that will only take a few minutes for customers to answer as a way of keeping tab on customers’ feeling about the value they get from the restaurant.   The questionnaire will mainly focus on the taste of the food served, time for the order to be served, cleanliness and sanitation of the restaurant, and the kind of personnel the restaurant has, whether they are polite, friendly, helpful and courteous and will be given to diners of the restaurant together with their order.   To illustrate, below is a sample of a brief questionnaire to survey customer satisfaction for a local McDonald’s Restaurant:
Please tick appropriate boxes below and help us serve you better.
  1. Is the food prepared/ cooked right?         Yes           No
Comments: _____________________________________________________________________

  2. Please rate our personnel according to the following criteria (1 – highest, 5-lowest):
  a. Friendly/ Approachable               1             2               3           4           5

  b. Courteous                           1   2         3           4           5

  c. Helpful                                   1   1           2             3           4           5

  d. Neat/ Clean                       1           2               3           4           5

  3. Was your order served within the expected time allowance of 1 minute per order (if the expected time allowed for each order is 1 minute).             Yes               No

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