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Marketing Essay

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Below is an essay on "Marketing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Introductory Microeconomics
Semester 1, 2014

Assignment 1 (10%)

Due date:   Wednesday April 2 by 4.00pm.  
Assignments must be submitted using the ‘Assignment Tool’ via the LMS subject site for Introductory Microeconomics (For further instructions see the notes on ‘Submitting Assignments 1 and 2’ in the Subject Guide.)
Please remember to keep a copy of your assignment.  
This assessment exercise will account for 10 per cent of your final grade in the subject.
Limit:   1000 words (Word limit does not include diagrams.)

Examples of assignments from 2011 are available in the ‘Assessment’ section in the folder for assignment 2 on the LMS subject page.


Question 1
Read attachment 1.
(1 mark) ‘The government’s new tax payment plan does not change the total amount of tax big companies pay, just the timing. So the opportunity cost of paying tax is not affected by the new policy.’
Do you agree with this statement?   Briefly explain your answer.

Question 2
Read attachment 2.
(1 ½ marks) Use the concepts of marginal benefit and marginal cost to explain: (i) Why thefts of lambs have increased; (ii) Why thefts of farm equipment have declined; and (iii) Why August is the peak month for stealing lambs.

Question 3
Read attachment 3.
(a)(1/2 mark)   Does the article suggest that chicken is a normal or inferior good?
(b) (1/2 mark) What does the attachment suggest about whether chicken, beef and pork are regarded as substitutes by consumers?

Question 4
Read attachment 4.
Assume the market for oil is perfectly competitive.
(1 mark) Use the demand/supply model to describe how changes to expectations of future prices by consumers could explain the price changes for oil in March and June 2012 that are described in the attachment.   For example, how could consumers’ expectations of what might happen to the price of oil after March 2012 explain why the price rose so much in that month?

Question 5
Read attachment 5.
Assume the...

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