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Market Positioning Essay

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Competitive Market Positioning

  * The extent to which a company can position itself as providing superior value to selected target markets is the extent to which it will gain competitive advantage
  * Superior value > price & level of benefit
  * Competitive advantage
      * Produce/Service = the way it is defined by consumer’s on important attributes
      * Personnel
      * Image
  * The position is the place product/service occupies in consumers’ minds relative to the competitor
  * Position define the difference = differential advantage
  * Jobber, 2007   - key to successful positioning
      * Clarity
      * Consistency
      * Credibility
      * Competitiveness
  * Types of positioning
      * Real positioning   = based on verifiable, factual attributes eg largest – cheapest
      * Psychological positioning
        * Based on emotional or attitudinal attributes eg caring, trustworthy and exciting
        *   Ries and Trout (1981) = ‘Positioning is not about what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect’
  * Achieving desired positioning
      * Existing products may need to be repositioned
      * New products need to have a sound position established quickly

Global Product 1

  * Tangible = soft drink, detergent, car, cosmetics, fast food outlet
  * Intangible = teaching, consulting, financial service, airline
  * Three level of products

  * Classification of consumer goods
      * Staple goods
Impulse goods
Emergency goods
Staple goods
Impulse goods
Emergency goods
Convenience goods
      * Shopping goods
      * Specialty goods
      * Unsought goods
  * Classification of industrial goods
      * Materials and parts = raw/manufactured materials
      * Capital items = installations / accessory equipment
      * Supplies and services = supplies / business services

  * Global products = standardized to some extent across a...

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