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Mark Twain Essay

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Mark Twain
Samuel Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835, where his family lived until he was four years old. After that they relocated to Hannibal, Missouri, where they resided until he was seventeen years old.
The small town of Hannibal was located on the Mississippi river. There were many chances for adventure in this small river town, and he would later reference his own adventures in fictional stories and books that he wrote.
He only stayed in school until he was twelve years old; this was when his father died and needed to earn his keep around the house. This led him to different types of employment. He started out as an apprentice printer at the Hannibal Courier, which only paid him in food rations.
At fifteen he went to work for his brother at the Hannibal Western Union, where he was a printer, writer, and an editor. He worked there until he was twenty one, this is when he decided he wanted to go to South America.
So he got on a river-boat on the Mississippi river headed south and this is where he found his next career. He loved being on the river and soon became a riverboat pilot. This was a good paying job and he was able to explore the river and get paid for it. This is also where he got his pen name from, “Mark Twain” meant twelve feet of water. (Biography.com.)
After a while as a riverboat pilot he headed west to pursue other opportunities. He tried mining silver and gold, but it didn’t work out for him so he began writing again.
The books that he wrote which stick out in my mind the most are the ones about Tom Sawyer. Twain wrote several books that included him as a character. One boo that Twain wrote was, “Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” which was about a boy growing up in a small river town just like Twain had.
Tom hated Monday mornings because it meant “another weeks slow suffering in school,” (pg. 462). He would try and fake sick just so he could avoid school. If faking sick didn’t work, then he would skip school,...

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