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Mariner Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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How does Coleridge tell the story in Part III?

Part III in the Ancient Mariner is seen as the most gothic part within the poem, it involves many supernatural aspects and we go from the world of reason, knowledge and understanding to the world of Imagination.
Part III is told from the narrative perspective of the Ancient Mariner, thus making us the wedding guest. In this part there is no interruption from the wedding guest representing how mesmerised he is reflecting our view. In this part we also have the voice of Life and Death with the chilling words of “The game is done ! I’ve won ! I’ve won !” The introduction of the character of Life and Death is significant as she determines the fate of the mariner. The fact that Life and Death is a woman could be also considered important, Coleridge could be suggesting something, such as women are dangerous? Or controlling. The description of her is also quite dramatic, she is described using gothic colours, “her lips were red” “Her locks were yellow” and “Her skin was as white as leprosy”. The use of leprosy amplifies the dramatic tone as leprosy was considered one of the worst diseases at the time, also the lengthening of the ‘eee’ creates a gothic tone.
The ship in part III is still in a state of status, the use of assonance and repetition in the first stanza shows the slow passing of time. The repletion of the word “weary” lengthens the stanza as the repetition of the vowel sounds lengthen the words representing the suffering of the sailors, “Each throat/[being] parched”. Coleridge also uses caesural pauses to break up the stanza such as “There passed a weary time. Each throat”. By doing this Coleridge makes us pause, thus lengthening the stanza but also makes us feel as though the Mariner is remembering the pain he was suffering.
The next setting in Part III is the Ghost ship with “her sails that glance in the Sun,/ Like restless gossamers” and “her ribs through which the Sun/ Did peer, as through a grate”....

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