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Maori Renaissance in New Zealand Essay

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  • on August 28, 2013
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History- The Maori Renaissance: Protest action to address grievances

Key Idea: Maori Urbanisation played a significant role as an underlying cause of Maori action

  * Maori population grew from 86,326 in 1936 to 137,326 in 1956
  * By the middle of the 20th century the rate of Maori population increased 3 times greater than Pakeha. This put demand for increase of scarce resources from the countryside.
  * Maori soldiers returning from WW2 joined the urbanisation flow. After the excitement of the war they did not want the quiet country life did not appeal to many
  * By 1945 over 26,000 Maoris were living in urban areas by 1981 nearly 80% of Maoris lived in cities
  * Every year around 1,600 young Maoris migrated to the city
Year | No. Maori in Wellington | No. Maori in Auckland |
1935 | 341 | 1766 |
1945 | - | 4903 |
1951 | 1570 | 7621 |
| | |
  * In the cities Maori experienced discrimination with housing and most were forced into slum or sub standard accommodation. Many Pakeha saw the poor housing that Maori lived in as a sign that they could not look after properties and continued to refuse to rent quality rooms or houses to them
  * Maoris found it difficult in the new city life because old predjuces were not coming through
  * In 1945 19% of Maori lived in cities, by 1971 this had increased to 68% and in the 1980s the figure reached over 80%
  * Maori found it hard to adapt to the Pakeha culture, especially with being on time
  * Rent was high, Maori often crowded into rental houses
  * Overcrowding led to reluctance on the landlords part to rent to Maori
  * Secondary schools catered to mainly for an academic elite and faoiled over 50% of their students by fifth form. For this reason teachers expected Maori to fail.
  * Urban born Maori children were branded as failures in school and there was no cultural confidence
  * For 70% of Maori who moved to the cities, the bonds with land and iwi were weakened
  * There...

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