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Managing Sickness And Absence Essay

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Executive Summary 2
Introduction 2
Element 1: Recording absence 3
Element 2: Keeping in contact 4
Element 3: Planning and undertaking Workplace adjustments 4
Element 4: Making use of professional or other advice and treatment 5
Element 5: Agreeing and reviewing a return to work plan 6
Element 6: Co-ordinating the return to work process 6
Conclusion 7
Recommendations 8
Appendix 9
References 10
Bibliography 12

Executive Summary

Managing sickness absence and return to work will be assessed using the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 6 key elements (HSE, 2004). This will enable managers to manage absence and provide guidelines on how to further develop programmes to return to work for the benefit of the organisation and the employee.


In my role as Health and Safety Advisor I have been tasked with preparing a report for the Board of Directors on how to manage sickness absence and return to work.   The organisation is currently experiencing problems with sickness absence.
In the UK there are, “150 million days lost to sickness absence every year” (DWP, 2010). Absenteeism can affect the workplace greatly both in cost to the organisation through sick pay productivity costing the economy £100 billion each year (DWP, 2011).
In this report I will identify the areas of concern and address them accordingly using guidance provided by the HSE and other sources.

Element 1: Recording absence

Being able to measure absent employees allows the organisation to compare itself with other departments, levels of staff and similar organisations to assess whether the levels of absenteeism are at an acceptable level or not and bench mark their current situation (IOM, 2011).   To do this management are required to be trained in recording absence.
It is a legal requirement to record absence and sickness.   In...

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