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Managing Customer Services Essay

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In order to complete this assignment and met the required headings I am going to focus my assignment on Tesco’s as the organisation I am employed by would not met the required headings.
Basic Customer Service
Any business organisation dealing with customers has to be aware of their customer’s legal rights.   There are many acts that retailers have to obey to.   As a manager within Tesco, here are two that they have to be aware of:
Trade Description Act 1968 to 2010
The Trade Description Act was first passed through the Houses of Parliament in 1968.   The main purpose of the act is to prevent any products or services being sold on the basis of misleading information.   Those making false claims or providing misleading information are liable to punishment.   The main points of the act state:
  * Products must be sold as described
  * Products must be of satisfactory quality
  * Products must be fit for purpose as described
Businesses have to comply with this act.   Failing to do so may see a claim made against the business.   What if successful can be costly for the business in terms of financial and bad publicity.   For consumers the act provides a level assurance when buying goods or services that they are what they say they are.  
Buildings or land are not covered under this act.   Up until 1991 they were but a new act was brought in to cover these.   It is called The Property Misperception Act 1991.
The Trade Description was updated in 2010 to include modern equivalents to terms implemented into the Act when it was originally introduced in 1968.
Reference: http://www.claims.co.uk/faulty -product/trade-description-act.html January 2012

The Sales of Goods Act 1979
This act is probably the most useful and relevant to the problems consumers face when they purchase items on the High St, internet or through mail order companies.   For customers it is worth them knowing about this piece of legislation.   In terms of the rights they have and how situations can be...

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