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Managing Conflict Essay

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Question 1
If you were a member of a student project team and one member was not doing his or her share, which conflict management strategy would you adopt? Why?
According to the Plunkett and members, team are defined at least two people involved, and members of a team must share a common objective to achieve the goal. However, whenever the people working together, the conflict will happen became normal. Conflict always happen because of different perception, objective, issues, goal, ideas, other personal issues, etc.   (Plunkett, Attner, Allen, 2005)
If a team can solve conflict using the conflict management strategies, the benefits of a team will help the group achieve not only objective, but help the team build mutual tacit and trust for future cooperation also. The benefits included increasing the knowledge and skills, flexibility, commitment, synergy, efficiency and effectiveness. (Plunkett, Attner, Allen, 2005)
Different managers have different leading style, of course the conflict view are different too. The traditional view descript that they are view conflict as unnecessary, harmful, personal failure, and so on. So when this type of leader found any conflict, the action taken are remove all the evidence of conflict, or immediately try to bring to a standstill in the conflict situation. However for the behavioral view, this type manager will view conflict as normal, they expected, they know some time conflict will stimulate the team performance, and result, but they also know most likely are damaging the teamwork progressing. So in order to solve this situation the behavioral view’s manager will directly eliminate the conflict to the minimum levels. Next, interactionist view, this type leader are mostly view conflict as necessary for organization growth, can’t avoid, so the manager also will take action to manage the conflict divert to conflict stimulation, at the same time reduce the harmful to the minimum levels. (Plunkett Attner, Allen, 2005)...

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