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Managerial Competency Essay

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1. Introduction 1
2. Managerial competencies 2
2.1 Communication competency 2
2.2 Planning and administrative competency 3
2.3 Teamwork competency 5
2.4 Strategic action competency 6
2.5 Global awareness competency 7
2.6 Self-management competency 8
3. What are my strengths and weaknesses? 10
4. Conclusion 11


The assignment will identify and explain the stages in the design of products and services.  

Although the operations manager is usually not solely and directly responsible for the design of a product, he/she is indirectly responsible for providing the information and advice on which the ultimate success of the development, manufacturing or delivery of the product or service depends.

The OXFORD University Press, Southern Africa, Introduction to Business Management, Eight Edition states that the design of a product or service ultimately results in a full detailed specification of the product or service. To compile this specification, detailed information must be obtained about the concept, (the form, function, aim and benefits of the design), the package (the composition of products and services required to support the concept) and the process of creating the package (which determines the way in which the individual products and services of the package will be manufactured or provided).

To obtain this full detailed specification, it is necessary to first follow certain consecutive steps.   Although not all businesses necessarily follow the same steps, the typical sequence of the steps will be discussed below, namely: concept generation, the screening process, preliminary design, evaluation and improvement and prototype and final design.          

  1. Concept generation

The first step in designing a product or service starts when different ideas for new product concepts or service concepts are generated.   New ideas for products or services  

2.1 Communication competency

The term communication...

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