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Making The Basketball Teams Essay

  • Submitted by: sabriya9
  • on March 18, 2012
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Making the Basketball Team
Sabriya Finch

11:00 a.m. class
Dr. Nicolette Rose

I was attending Norcross High School in the tenth grade when I decided to join the basketball team.   I had been playing basketball ever since I was five. Basketball was my favorite sport, but the only time I played on a team was when I was 8 at the YMCA.   When I got older my family and friends would ask me if I planned to play in high school.   At the time I was not really sure because I was afraid of not making the team.   So when I got to the tenth grade I decided to try out for the junior varsity basketball team.   Making the basketball team was a big obstacle in my life that I had to overcome.
Before tryouts began, the coach recommended I go to workouts to get in shape.   Basketball workouts lasted about two weeks.   I would go to these workouts every day and work really hard.   I would run two miles before the workout session started.   During the workout I would do different cardio activities such as jumping rope, lifting weights, and doing squats.   I was out of shape when I started the workout, but after a few more workout session it really helped me get into shape.   I would work so hard at workouts that by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat and go to sleep.   Workouts were so intense sometimes that I would be so sore the next morning.   Even though workouts were painful, I enjoyed them because they gave me more energy and helped me build muscular strength.
Now that the workouts were over, it was time for tryouts.   The tryouts lasted a week.   At the beginning of tryouts, I was not really sure if I was going to make the team because the junior varsity team tried out with the varsity team.   Although I was strong, I was not in good enough shape to keep up with the varsity team.   Tryouts were very difficult, but I made sure every day to work extremely hard.   I also made sure I was doing the drills correctly and precisely because I knew how strict the coaches...

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