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Making Sense of Our World Essay

  • Submitted by: Sidneytlou1
  • on March 25, 2014
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Conclusion: Making Sense of Our World
M. Castells

The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Volume 3


Comments and Questions

This paper discusses the state of a ‘New World’, as it relates to information technology, the economic crisis and restructuring of capitalism and statism, and the blooming of cultural movements.

I think the paper is well written, and touches upon some interesting issues with regard to the changes in society in the modern world.   Information technology has certainly changed the way the world operates, and has obvious linkages in a geographical context.   For example, cities, countries and regions are virtually (i.e. real virtuality) closer than ever before.   The explosion of the Internet has made easier the concept of ‘reaching out’ geographically, and generating awareness of different cultures and economies.   However, there are still fundamental differences across the globe, which need addressing which information technology cannot (yet) influence, such as politics, religion and beliefs/traditions/values.   Countries can leverage the advantages of information technology, doing so as an extension of their political position, cultural views, and economic status.   That is, the medium / output has changed, but how so does the content which it serves?

One issue of information technology in the context of geographical thought involves that of the decentralization of decision making.   In doing so, an advantage is that decisions and policies are subject to a wider forum of participants or delegates.   As a result, decisions can be less self-contained.   However, is this necessarily a good thing?   Does involving a wider spectrum of groups / individuals really help the process.   Though borders are eliminated in a virtual sense, does decentralization have an advantage of this?   In terms of the saying, “think globally, act locally”, how far does the idea of decentralized decision making help the locality which...

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