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Making a Difference Essay

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Samuel Tanner
Human Relations in Supervision
BUSM 150 C01W
Making a Difference
July 13, 2013

Mr. La Russa’s PEP strategy works well and can explain the way many teams go about staying focused, whether it may be a sports team or a group of coworkers working on an important project. I found it interesting that this can be used to explain how I keep myself motivated with my schoolwork as well. I attribute my skill in staying goal oriented and taking small steps to get to that goal to my experience in playing sports, especially wrestling. Wrestling provided the chance to be part of a team, but be able to achieve more recognition than with other sports. Mainly because the competitions focused on individual match scores, then took each team member’s score and combined them for the team score. Helping yourself helped the team in the end. Much like I did to prepare for a match, I take steps to prepare myself for each week of my studies. Provided that I have already completed any homework that was due for the previous week, I take a few hours out of my weekend to get ready for the upcoming Monday.
I like to go through my portfolio and reorganize to make documents easier for me to find. Anything that is outdated or finished I put into a completed homework file or discard. Keeping everything uncluttered really helps cut down on time that I used to waste searching for that one document that seems to grow legs from time to time. The second and probably most important thing I do to stay on track and ensure I am always prepared is print out the course schedule at the beginning of the semester and break it down week by week. I like to prepare weekly calendars for me to use that have specific goals that support the desired outcome, passing the class of course. Often times work doesn’t go as planned or an unexpected event occurs that interferes with my prepared schedule. My ability to be flexible and find ways to complete the goal in a timely fashion has really helped....

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