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Make Decisions in a Legal Context Essay

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Assignment 1   FNSACC403B - Make decisions in a legal context

Part A
Question 1.
The Australian legal system can be best described as:
(a) military
(b) adversary
(c) inquisitorial
(d) religious

Question 2
Much of our law is common law. Common law:
(a) is made by judges
(b) originated in early England
(c) bases its decisions on precedent
(d) all of the above

Question 3
The law of equity is
(a) the same as statute law
(b) a branch of contract law
(c) a body of laws based on fairness
(d) no longer relevant

Question 4
Legislation is made by:
(a) a referendum of voters
(b) federal and state courts
(c) federal and state parliaments
(d) all of the above

Question 5
When English colonists settled in a new land they carried their own laws with them. This is called the:
(a) golden rule
(b) doctrine of precedent
(c) colonial rule
(d) doctrine of reception

Question 6
In Mabo v Queensland (1992) the High Court:
(a) abolished crown land
(b) granted colonial independence to Aboriginals
(c) accepted the concept of terra nullius and rejected native title
(d) rejected the concept of terra nullius and recognized a form of native title
Question 7
Disputes can be resolved without going to Court through alternative dispute resolution. An example of this would be:
(a) a local council
(b) the federal parliament
(c) a community justice centre
(d) the Privy Council

Question 8
Under the doctrine of separation of powers, judicial power belongs to:
(a) the Parliament
(b) the Executive
(c) the Courts
(d) the Attorney General

Question 9
In 1986 the legal and political connections between Australia and England were finally ended by important legislation called the:
(a) Australia Acts
(b) Colonial Laws Validity Acts
(c) Separation of Powers Act
(d) Australian Constitution Act

Question 10
A binding statement made by a Court is called:
(a) obiter dictum
(b) quantum meruit
(c) locus parenti
(d) ratio decidendi


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