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Macedonian Civ vs. Greek Civ Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Jonathan Ortiz
Mrs. Hahn
Period 1
February 26, 2012
The Macedonian Civilization versus the Greek Civilization

There are many who argue that Macedon is a Greek city-state, and therefore, the people of Macedon are Greek. However, what most do not know, is that being so far north and separated from the majority of Greece, made Macedon prone to developing differently from its sister states. Like any other independent civilization, it may still have some traditions or cultures of an earlier people, but they have changed to accommodate their own personal views. Some of these traits that can be borrowed include government, religion, and military.
Macedon and Greece had different views on government. Greece, composed of many different city-states, also had many different types of government. There are four to be precise, and they are democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, and tyranny. At first, Greek city-states favored monarchy, then, slowly, each began to switch over to an oligarchy. Some city-states transitioned over to tyranny after becoming annoyed with the idea of the rich governing the poor. Lastly, only a handful of city-states turned to democracy, the first being Athens of course. This diversity in government further exacerbated the segregation among the city-states. Macedonia on the other hand, had a monarchy and preferred unity over independence. A king ruled the empire and when he died, his heir took the throne. Succession went through the bloodline. Later, when Alexander the Great started expanding his empire, unity was especially important when you consider how large it was.
Religion in ancient Greece and ancient Macedonia was very similar. Each civilization worshipped the same deities. Some of the major gods and goddesses include Zeus, Athena, Hera, Ares, and Apollo. However, each city-state had a favorite god or goddess. For example, Athens favored Athena more than any other god. Ancient Macedonia’s favorite was Zeus. It is believed that the ancient...

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