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Macbeth Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Lady Macbeth was the driving force to Macbeth as she introduce to concept of murder to him. One of the main influences of Macbeth’s degeneration was the authority of his own wife, Lady Macbeth. When Lady Macbeth hears from Macbeth about the prophesy that the witches have foretold, she does not want him to wait to ascend the throne and therefore, Lady Macbeth helps her husband to set things in motion. Lady Macbeth convinces her husband that the throne has been stated so he should go and kill the King rather than waiting on something to happen to him. Macbeth did not want to kill the King, although Lady Macbeth reproaches him for his lack of courage and soon convinces him to go through with the plan and assures him that Duncan’s guards will be blamed for this deed. Lady Macbeth is very ambitious and want to be queen. Lady Macbeth’s influence soon becomes overwhelming and soon leads to her own death, Macbeth’s death and the tragic events of the play.

Macbeth’s vaulting ambition, through it is what bring him to his height of power, it is also what leads him to his downfall. This vaulting ambition is Macbeth’s only flaw; it disables him, to achieve his utmost goals and forces him to face his fate. Without this ambition, though, Macbeth never would have been able to achieve his power as King of Scotland or have been able to carry out his evil deeds. In these instances, ambition has helped Macbeth do what he wanted to do. But, consequently, Macbeth’s ambition has another face and is what leads him to his tragic downfall. Had he not been so enveloped with becoming King and remaining powerful, he would have not continued to kill innocent people in order to keep his position. It was because of these killings and his overbearing attitude that cause him to be overthrown and killed.

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