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Macbeth Essay

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  • on August 28, 2013
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"Explore how disturbed mental states are presented in the texts you have studied"

Shakespeare presents many disturbed qualities in the play Macbeth. Most of these qualities are in the characteristics of Lady Macbeth and the main character Macbeth himself. William Shakespeare also uses them in the three witches. One of the main disturbed qualities Shakespeare uses is obsessiveness - for example Macbeth is very obsessed about killing Duncan and is feeling guilty. We know this because in act 2 scene 2 line 63 Macbeth says 'Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood' which means he's being very paranoid about the blood on his hands and he's being obsessed about getting them "clean"-he wants to be free of the guilt. Traditionally, a tragic hero is one of high birth who possesses a flaw in character that brings about his downfall. Macbeth's flaw is clearly his ambition because he says so himself almost immediately after hearing the witches' prophecy. As he is travelling down the path of his downfall, his disturbances are clearer because his ambition gets in the way. The act that Macbeth committed was called regicide in Shakespearean times and was seen as an act against God natural order. Shakespeare revolves the play around regicide because the king at that time James I was a victim of this and he also was very interested in witchcraft which is why Shakespeare used the three witches in this play. Some might say that Macbeth is certainly a play 'fit for a king'. The other kind of disturbance in the play is the witches, these supernatural phenomena, called the 'weird sisters' are related to the three Fates in classical mythology. They could tell prophecies which are seen as strange and which show that they have disturbed mental states because it's not seen as normal to be able to tell the future.

I think Shakespeare has created this scene to show the audience Lady Macbeth’s mind and how she reacts to Macbeth’s letter. A soliloquy is the window to the mind and...

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