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Lvoe Essay

  • Submitted by: Shay2cute
  • on February 25, 2014
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Chapter 3 – Social Connections


Multiple Choice Questions

1.         Friendship is a(n) ________ relationship.
A.        public
B.        reciprocal
C.        exclusive
D.        brief and intense

2.         According to a recent survey, ______ of Americans report having people in their lives they can trust and turn to for support.
A.        only about half
B.        60 percent
C.        75 percent
D.        almost all

3.         We are more likely to be happy if we have a close friend living within a mile, but this
             requirement may be changing due to which of the following?
A.        lower fuel prices
B.        social media forums and smartphones
C.        increased variety of at-home entertainment
D.        “Millennial generation” focus on self

4.         Which of the following is NOT a difference between friendships and intimate
A.        Partnerships involve deeper levels of connection.
B.        Friendships tend to be more stable and longer lasting.
C.        Friendships are more exclusive.
D.        Partnerships have a sexual component.

5.         Which of the following makes it more likely that two people will develop a romantic relationship?
A.        proximity
B.        having different opinions and attitudes
C.        differing physical characteristics such as age and attractiveness
D.        differing levels of educational attainment

6.         In Sternberg’s Love Triangle, the emotional component of love is called
A.        intimacy.
B.        commitment.
C.        cohabitation.
D.        passion.

7.         Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions in Sternberg’s Love Triangle?
A.        intimacy
B.        passion
C.        commitment
D.        romance

8.         Research generally suggests that being ________ is NOT an effective strategy in finding
             a life partner....

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  • Submitted by: Shay2cute
  • on February 25, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 2,222 words
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