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Luxembourg Country Report

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The date is Aug 3, 1492; Christopher Columbus sets sail to find western sea route to china and stumbles on to the new world instead. Columbus made a choice to go international even he knew the risk he may never come back alive lucky for us it paid off for us with the discovery of the new world. Now fast forward   to today Tuesday November 20 2012; today we need to make the choice do we go international or do we stay inside the U.S. boarders. Our choice maybe easier then Christopher Columbus, but we still have risks that we need to assess before we make that choice such as the financial, ethical, and logistics. After weighting out the risk we believe that going international and pursue a business joint venture in Luxembourg is a great idea because the country’s level of economic freedom, one of the leading country in high-tech/information technology and e-commerce in the world, and the amount of investment into the country’s technology fields.
The first aspect which makes going international to Luxembourg is the country’s level of economic freedom. Luxembourg scored 75.9 for business freedom this means that the amount of red tape to open an international business. That makes a big difference when opening a business if we had to enlist the services of an average lawyer in the U.S. which makes who could make upwards to 1000 dollars and hour working 30 hours a week on our international venture would cost us 120,000 dollars a month or 4000 dollars every day so the quicker we get done with the paper work the more money we save. We feel that their monetary policies being open to FDI will make it easier to expanded once we get up and running, however that does leave us open to market uncertainty, because of Luxembourg’s economic market driven economy. Luxembourg for business tells us that “A rewarding tax environment and a business-friendly legal and regulatory framework are the foundation of a leading jurisdiction for corporate structures, known for comprehensive...

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