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Loves Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: linzialexander
  • on February 27, 2014
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Love’s Philosophy
‘How far does the poem present sexual love as a natural thing?’
I agree that the poem does present sexual love as a natural thing to an extent. This is because Shelley refers to natural pairs within nature throughout the poem. However the poet is trying to show sexual frustration in a way of finding a partner.
The poem is set out to looks like a river flowing through the words of what he is trying to say with a variety of short and long lines, starting off smooth and calm and gradually becoming frustration and anger. Shelley uses Iambic pentameter which is a basic rhythm that’s pleasing to the ear, including syllables. Some of them are stressed this creates a more abrupt and dramatic feel.
The poet is trying to suggest to the audience that there is someone out there for everyone, so no one should go through life alone. “The fountains mingle with rivers”, "the waves clasp one another," or "sunlight clasps the earth”. The way Shelley refers to natural pairs coming together show me that he doesn’t want to be alone and in a way he’s persuading someone to be his partner by saying that natural elements fit together so why shouldn’t they. On the other hand Shelley uses sexual innuendos which tell me that he wants a partner for sexual reason instead of company. I know this because he talks about the waves ‘clasping one another’ which could mean he wants to be with a woman and fit together just like the waves do.
Shelley presents love and seduction through natural pairs he refers to within the poem. I know this because at the start he uses more subtle, loving words such as “mingle” and “sweet”. The words show that he is trying to seduce her in a way by using loving words in order to get what he wants, which in this case is a partner. However towards the end he uses more forceful, agitated words; “clasps”. This tells me that he is becoming more impatient and frustrated because clasps suggest a tight grip of something which implies force and anger....

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